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Calculators > CPP Retirement Pension Calculator

CPP Retirement Pension Calculator

Note:  best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.  If using IE, use compatibility view for the calculators to work properly.

This calculator will show you how much Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension you will collect, depending on the age at which you decide to start collecting.

You will need your estimated CPP retirement pension at age 65, from a current CPP statement of contributions, in order to use the calculator.  If you have not received a statement of contributions, you can get one online from Service Canada CPP Statement of Contributions.  If you are getting the information online from Service Canada, go to the page which says "View my estimated monthly CPP benefits".

The calculator uses your estimated monthly CPP benefit at age 65 provided to you by Service Canada.  This estimate is based on your average earnings since age 18, and assumes that your earnings will continue at this level until age 65.  This estimate does not include the effects of the child rearing drop-out (CRDO).  If the CRDO applies to you, then your CPP would be greater than the estimate.

The calculator compares the CPP retirement pension starting at 3 different ages, which you can choose.  For instance, if you turn 60 in 2014 and want to start collecting your CPP in 2014, you would enter the year 2014 and age 60.  You can then choose 2 other ages in the next 2 columns, in order to provide a comparison.

The calculator also calculates the present value (PV) of the pension to be received up to a certain age, based on an estimated rate of return.  The PV is the amount that would have to be invested at the earliest time in the table of results, in order to provide the future cashflows shown in the results.

See our article on the rules in effect for the CPP retirement pension.

The table of current monthly average and maximum rates can be found on the Service Canada website.

 If your earnings are changing significantly before you start collecting your CPP pension, try  the Service Canada Canadian Retirement Income Calculator.

Tax Tip:  You don't know how long you will live, so we still recommend taking your CPP retirement pension at age 60.

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Revised: October 08, 2014


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