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Calculators > Quebec income tax planning calculator

Detailed Quebec Income Tax and RRSP Savings Calculator for 2015, 2014 and Earlier Years

The detailed Quebec income tax calculator is a great tax planning and financial planning tool, but will not actually file your tax return for you.

Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2014/2015  Version Française

Si vous préférez une version française de l’une des calculatrices d’impôt du Québec ou d’autre contenu du site, vous pouvez télécharger la barre d'outils Google pour un accès rapide à la fonction Traduction. Comme alternative, vous pouvez utiliser le lien Version française ci-haut, qui donne accès à la calculatrice en utilisant Google Translate.

Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2013  Version Française

Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2012  Version Française

Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2011  Version Française

Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2010  Version Française

Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2009  Version Française

The tax calculator includes most available deductions and tax credits, and pension splitting.  It will be especially useful as a tax planning tool for those who have some control over their income, such as

bullet people making RRIF/RRSP withdrawals
bullet incorporated business owners
bullet investors trying to decide between investments which produce capital gains, Canadian dividends, or other investment income

The calculator includes links to information on some of the non-refundable tax credits.  The links open in the same window, replacing the calculator, but when the browser Back button is clicked, the previously entered information is still available in the calculator.  To open the links in a new window, right-click on the link, and select "Open in New Window".

Features of the current year Quebec income tax calculator:

bulletincludes tax rates known as of the date shown in the calculator.
bullet calculates taxes for both spouses
bullet calculates Federal alternative minimum tax (ATM) using available information, but does not calculate Quebec ATM.
bullet shows savings from RRSP deductions, and marginal tax rate (when RRSP deduction amount is entered)
bullet calculates CPP and EI premiums on employment and self-employment (CPP only) income
bullet option to indicate that employment earnings are not subject to EI premiums (useful for incorporated business owners earning employment income)
bullet calculates OAS clawback and EI clawback
bullet allows pension splitting, and includes the changes from the QC 2014 budget.
bullettax credits calculated:
bullet basic personal amount
bullet spouse
bullet QC age amount, amount for a person living alone, and amount for retirement income
bullet QC amount for dependents
bullet QC tax credit for experienced workers age 65+ - new for 2012
bullet equivalent to spouse, including dependent child or other eligible dependent  
bullet children under 18, with option to choose which spouse claims this amount
bulletFamily Tax Cut (FTC) - new for 2014 and later years
bullet pension credit, age amount
bullet disability tax credit
bullet public transit tax credit
bullet child fitness tax credit
bullet First-time homebuyers' tax credit
bulletmedical expense tax credit 
bullet donations tax credit - will alert you if your donations exceed 75% of net income, or if all donations not utilized
bullet dividend tax credits
bullet tuition, education and textbooks, student loan interest
bullet QC refundable tax credit respecting the work premium
bullet Working income tax benefit (WITB) - Note:  you are required to indicate in the calculator if you are eligible for the WITB.  If you indicate that you qualify, the calculator will determine the amount you will receive, if any, based on your income.  Read the article on the WITB (above link) to determine if you qualify.

The article on the pension income tax credit explains how pension splitting can result in a pension tax credit for the spouse receiving the transferred pension.

If you want to compare different scenarios, come back to this page to open the calculator a second time (right click the link, and select open in new window), and compare them side by side.

To see the current tax rate tables for each province, go to the Tax Rates page and click on the link for your province, or go to the marginal tax rates page.

FAQ re the Tax Calculators:

Is the "tax savings re RRSPs" the amount of the income tax refund I would get?


The  "tax savings re RRSPs" is the amount your income taxes will be reduced for that amount of RRSP contribution (make sure the contribution doesn't exceed your RRSP deduction limit - this is not checked by the calculator).  Compare the total income taxes result from the calculator to what you have actually paid during the year to determine the amount of your refund.

Basic Tax Calculator

If you are looking for a more simple tax calculator, see our Basic Canadian Income Tax Calculator, where you input your income from capital gains, Canadian eligible and non-eligible dividends, and other income, in order to see the taxes payable for a single person.

See topics and glossary items related to the online tax calculators:

bullet Alternative minimum tax (as it relates to eligible Canadian dividends)
bullet Capital gains and losses
bullet CCPC
bullet CPP, QPP and EI premiums
bullet Quebec dividend tax credits
bullet Employment income
bullet Foreign income and other amounts - reporting them on your tax return
bullet Marginal tax rate
bullet Non-taxable amounts
bulletPension splitting
bullet Quebec Personal tax credits
bullet RRSP Deduction
bullet Taxable Income, Net Income and Total Income
bullet Working in another province

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Revised: November 29, 2014


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