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Financial Planning ->Government Benefits - Québec

Québec government benefits, programs and services

Government of Québec

For congratulatory messages from the Prime Minister, Governor General, or Her Majesty the Queen see Government Benefits - Canada.

Financial Assistance for Tenants

Consumer information and complaints - learn your rights as a consumer, and how to protect yourself.  Currently available only in French, but translation is in progress.

Unclaimed property -  Québec Revenue Ministry has a searchable register of unclaimed property.



Buying or renovating a house - information on government assistance, warranties and remedies.  This information is only available in French, but translation is in progress.

Financial Assistance for Homeowners

Health care

Provincial Health Insurance Plan

Prescription Drug Insurance

Prescription drug insurance plan premium rates (6.1% reduction in rates effective July 1, 2011)


Children and families

Child and family benefits provided by federal and provincial/territorial governments

Québec child assistance payments, and supplement for handicapped children

Seniors and almost senior

Elder Abuse - learn the signs and how to get help

Québec Pension Plan (QPP) on Québec Pension Board website

Planning Your Retirement

Programs and Services for Seniors

Shelter allowance program, which helps low-income households to pay their rent, will be enhanced by lowering the eligibility age gradually to 50 from 55 for single people and couples without children.


Revised: March 08, 2013

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