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Financial Planning -> Real estate

Real Estate

New Home Buyers / Buying a Home or Other Real Estate

Buy a home (From our Free in 30! pages)

Using RRSPs to help buy a home

bulletThe Home Buyer's Plan
bullet Make sure you report repayments to RRSP Home Buyer's Plan!

First-time Home Buyer's tax credit

BC First-Time New Home Buyers' Bonus - Refundable - available up to March 31, 2013

Nova Scotia First-Time New Home Buyers HST Rebate

BC Seniors' Home Renovation Tax Credit - Refundable

Ontario Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit - Refundable - for senior homeowners and tenants

GST rebate for new housing purchases and substantial renovations and for new residential rental property.

Can I deduct interest expense on money borrowed to purchase real estate?

Purchase and sale of rental property

Interest expense paid to a non-resident

Buying real estate from a non-resident

Tax implications of owning a cottage or second home

Selling a Home or Real Estate

Is the sale of real estate taxable?  What about my principal residence?

Purchase and sale of rental property

Principal residence exemption

$800,000+ capital gains deduction

bulletQualified small business corporation shares
bulletQualified farm property
bulletQualified fishing property
bulletCumulative net investment loss (CNIL)

Real Estate Rentals

Purchase and sale of rental property

GST/HST rebate for new residential rental property

Is your rental income considered property income or business income?  Why does it matter?

What happens if I move into my rental property, or start renting out my home?  Topics included:

bulletChange in use from income-producing to principal residence
bulletChange in use from principal residence to income-producing
bulletWhat if I rent out part of my principal residence?

What expenses can be deducted from property rental income?

Interest expense deductibility

T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement for rental property in another country.


Revised: December 07, 2015



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