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Filing Your Return -> Business  -> Making Payments to Canada Revenue Agency

Making Payments To Canada Revenue Agency

My Payment

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an online payment service called My Payment, for individuals and businesses, through which payments can be made directly from their bank accounts to CRA.  The service is available for many financial institutions.  Payments which can be made include:


bullet Individual income tax
bullet Balances owing
bullet Instalments
bullet Payments on filing, to pay the amount owing when filing a T1 personal tax return
bulletTax-free savings account (TFSA) excess contributions
bullet Child and family benefits payment - make repayments for the following types of amounts owing:
bullet Canada child tax benefits and related provincial/territorial programs
bullet GST / HST credit, including integrated provincial programs
bullet Universal child care benefit
bullet Alberta family employment tax credit
bulletOntario credits


Remittances can be made for payments on filing of returns, instalment payments, and other amounts owing for:

bullet Goods and services tax / harmonized sales tax (GST/HST)
bullet Payroll source deductions (includes reporting of gross payroll, etc. when making regular remittances)
bullet Corporate income tax
bullet Excise duty
bullet Excise tax
bullet Air traveller's security charge (ATSC)
bullet Tax on insurance premiums
bullet Softwood lumber products export charge
bullet Nova Scotia Workers' Compensation Board payroll remittance
bulletInformation returns penalty


bullet Non-resident withholding tax - Part XIII
bullet Regular remittance
bullet Assessed arrears / penalty / interest / law cost remittance

Your payment information, including your CRA account number (SIN, BN, etc.), is entered in the CRA My Payment website, without having to log into "My Account" or "My Business Account".  Once you have completed the information, you are transferred to the INTERAC® Online service, which then goes to the website of your banking institution.  There, you log in and confirm payment, and are then taken back to CRA's My Payment website, which provides a printable record of the transaction.

The only fee for using this service will be a transaction fee, if any, charged by your financial institution.

When payments are made through this service, there is no provision for paying at a future date.  The payment will be credited to your CRA account when it is made.  If the payment is made on a weekend or statutory holiday, it will be credited to your account on the next business day.  It may take one or two business days for the payment to be updated on your CRA account.

Other Payment Options

You can also use online or telephone banking provided by your financial institution to pay your taxes, the same way you can pay other bills.  With this method, it is usually possible to schedule your payment for a future date.  CRA has other options for you to pay amounts online, including pre-authorized debit.  See Make a Payment to the CRA below for the list of options.

Taxes can also be paid in person at your financial institution in Canada, or by mail to CRA.

See also our article What if I Can't Afford to Pay the Tax I Owe?

Link to My Payment, and Other CRA Resources

    - My Payment

    - Make a Payment to the CRA

    - Paying your personal income tax by instalments - requirements, calculation, due dates

    - Paying your corporate income tax by instalments - requirements, special situations, due dates

    - If you cannot pay in full now - contact CRA right away

    - Payment Arrangement Calculator - help with proposed payment arrangement plan to pay off your tax debt

Revised: April 06, 2019

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