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Ontario -> Budgets

Ontario Budgets

Ontario 2019 Budget - April 11, 2019

2018 Fall Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review November 15, 2018 

Ontario 2018 Budget - March 28, 2018

Ontario 2017 Fall Economic Statement - November 14, 2017

Business/Personal Tax Measures:

    - small business corporate income tax rate reduced from 4.5% to 3.5% effective January 1, 2018

    - non-eligible dividend tax credit rate reduced to 3.2863% of the taxable dividend effective January 1, 2018.  However, Bill 177 (link below) legislative changes result in a rate of 3.1197%, which is what we are using in the Ontario tax rate tables.  The difference is due to the reduction in the gross-up rate for 2018, to 16%.

    - The Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (ATTC) is being eliminated for employers with apprentices who register in an apprenticeship program after November 14, 2017.  This is in conjunction with the announcement of the new Graduated Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (GAGE).

2017 Ontario Fall Economic Statement - on Ministry of Finance website

Bill 177, Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2017 was tabled on November 14, 2017 and received Royal Assent on December 14, 2017.


Ontario 2017 Budget - April 27, 2017

Ontario 2016 Budget - February 25, 2016

Ontario 2015 Budget - April 23, 2015

Above link is to Ontario Budget website.  See also Chapter 4: A Fair and Sustainable Tax System.

There are no changes to the personal income tax system.  The main tax-related provisions in the budget are:

bulletchanges to business tax supports including
bulletApprenticeship Training Tax Credit
bulletOntario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
bulletFilm and Television Tax Credits
bulletOntario Sound Recording Tax Credit
bulletparalleling Federal measures re the taxation of trusts and estates
bulletProvincial Land Tax reform

Ontario 2014 Budget - May 2, 2014

Ontario 2013 Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review - November 7, 2013

The Ontario government announced revisions to both eligible and non-eligible dividend rates.  Another change is that the Ontario surtax, starting in 2014, will be calculated before deducting dividend tax credits.  By doing so, all taxpayers get the same amount of dividend tax credit.  Previously, the surtax was applied after these tax credits were deducted, thus increasing the tax credits for high income earners by as much as 56%.

Ontario 2013 Budget - May 2, 2013

Ontario 2012 Budget - March 27, 2012

Ontario 2011 Budget - on Ontario Dept of Finance website

It is planned to combine 3 refundable tax credits - Ontario Sales Tax Credit (OSTC), Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit (OEPTC) and Northern Ontario Entergy Credit (NOEC) into the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB).  These payments would be combined, and paid out on a monthly basis.

Previously planned corporate tax reductions will reduce the general corporate tax rate to 10% in 2013.  See our tables of corporate tax rates.

Ontario 2010 Budget - on ON Finance website

- no new income tax changes announced.

Ontario 2009 Budget

Ontario 2008 Budget

Ontario Tax Reductions for Businesses for 2007 and 2008

Ontario 2007 Budget

Revised: April 22, 2019

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