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Buy Investments and Hold Them Forever

We recommend that you buy good quality exchange traded funds (ETFs) and stocks, and plan to hold them forever, because of the following factors:

bulletBrokerage costs - every time you buy or sell, it costs you money.
bulletYou usually buy at the higher ask price and sell at the lower bid price.
bulletYou can't time the market, so don't try.
bulletLessens risk, because you don't follow the herd in buying high (greed) and selling low (fear).
bulletFor investments in non-registered accounts, you will pay tax on any capital gains.  Let your estate pay the tax.
bulletMakes life simpler, because it reduces the number of decisions you have to make.
bulletEventually, hopefully, you can just live off the dividends.

Tax Tips:

If you are selling investments outside of an RRSP or other registered account, make sure you know the tax consequences.

Keep EXCELLENT records so that when your investments are eventually sold, completing the tax return will be a LOT easier!

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bullet Tax issues re investing, and tax treatment of different types of investments
bulletRecommended stocks for inside or outside of your RRSP
bulletBorrowing to invest in stocks and ETFs

Revised: September 19, 2017


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