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About Us / Contact Us is owned by a small private company located in Cedar, British Columbia.  It is prepared by a husband and wife team who are retired from owning and operating a small business, with one being a retired professional accountant.

The goal of is to be a reference site for easy to understand tax, financial, and related information, in order to help Canadians become financially independent.

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If you wish to contact us to report any problems with this web site or something you think may be in error (we're definitely human!),  or to provide any suggestions for content improvement, If you need a reply, please ensure that is included in the safe sender list for your e-mail.  We normally reply within 2 business days - no reply? Check your spam folder.  Please see our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Please note than we do not provide individual advice.  However, we will try to direct you to any appropriate information on our site.  If the information you need is not on our site, and it is of general interest, we will try to add the information to the site.

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Many of our calculators have a print function that allows them to be printed with no navigation bars or ads.

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