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Manitoba Seniors' School Tax Rebate

The Manitoba 2016 budget retained the increase in the maximum Seniors' School Tax Rebate to $470 for the 2016 property tax year and eligibility criteria will be broadened to include seniors who occupy their principal residence and pay school taxes, even if they do not own the land or dwelling unit.  The School Tax Rebate will now be delivered as part of the annual income tax return, so the 2016 Rebate will be claimed when the 2016 income tax return is filed in 2017.  Administration of the Rebate through the income tax system will permit retroactive claims of up to 3 years, but no earlier than the 2016 Rebate.

Eligible individuals:

bullet65 years of age or older, or have a spouse or common-law partner 65 years of age or older
bulletown their principal residence in Manitoba, or for 2015 and subsequent years occupy their principal residence and pay school taxes, and
bulletqualify as a Manitoba resident in the property tax year.

The Rebate will be reduced by 2% of net family income over $40,000.  Senior households with a family net income of $63,500 or more will no longer receive the Rebate.

Manitoba School Tax Credit for Homeowners

Manitoba Income Tax Act s. 5.5

The school tax credit is a refundable tax credit which is claimed on form MB479 of the personal tax return.

This credit is available for homeowners or life tenants age 55+ at December 31 of the tax year, with family income less than $23,800.  The credit is based on school taxes paid in the tax year for the principal residence in Manitoba, which must be over $160 for the year in order to claim the credit.

The amount of the credit is not indexed for inflation.

Manitoba School Tax Assistance for Tenants

Tenants age 55+ may receive school tax assistance, depending on income, by applying to Family Services and Housing at the Provincial Services Office.

Manitoba Government Resources

Manitoba Personal Tax Credits

Seniors' School Tax Rebate

School tax assistance for tenants 55 Plus

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Resources

Manitoba General Income Tax and Benefit Package - see CRA form MB 479 and Completing Your Manitoba Forms

Tax Tip:  File a return even if you have no income, to get the refundable tax credits.

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