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CRA My Business Account

My Business Account is an online service provided by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that allows you to manage tax-related information for your business.

This service allows management of GST/HST, payroll tax and corporate income tax.  You can view status of returns, account balances, transactions, correspondence, and banking information.   CPP/EI rulings can be requested, and payroll nil remittances can be filed.  For a more complete list of available services, see the CRA page What Can I do in My Business Account.

As announced in Excise and GST/HST News No. 83, since April 16, 2012, your business and its representatives are able to ask questions about your tax accounts online, and CRA will answer electronically, so you'll have the answer in writing.  Using the new service you can get answers to specific tax account-related questions for these business accounts:

bullet GST/HST
bullet corporate income tax
bullet excise duty
bullet excise tax
bullet excise tax on insurance premiums
bullet air travellers security charge
bullet softwood lumber products export charge
My Business Account can be used by
bullet Business owners, including sole proprietors, partners, directors and officers.
bullet Representatives, including employees, legal representatives (executors, powers of attorney, legal guardians), and other third-party representatives such as the firm's professional accountant.

CRA Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

The CRA pre-authorized debit option now appears when one logs into "My Business Account", but is not available in "Represent a Client".

Pre-authorized debit allows a user of "My Business Account" to authorize CRA to withdraw a pre-determined payment amount directly from the business bank account on a specific date.

The PAD system can be used to make many different payments, including payroll source deductions, GST/HST remittances, Part XIII non-resident withholding tax, and many other types of payments.

The payments to be made can be one-time payments or payments recurring on a regular basis.  The PAD agreement must be created at least 5 business days prior to the due date of the payment.

Once a PAD agreement is set up for a particular type of payment on a recurring basis, it can be modified, cancelled or skipped.  However, this must be done at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled payment date.

For more information see the CRA pre-authorized debit help menu.

CRA Online Mail Service

Using the online mail service in My Business Account, notices of assessment and reassessment and some letters can be received online for selected accounts including corporate income tax and GST/HST accounts.  Up to 3 e-mail addresses can be signed up for each account.

CRA Resources:

My Business Account - to register or log in.

Represent a Client - to register or log into your employer's or business client's account.

How do I register for Represent a Client.

Tax Tip:  My Business Account is an easy way to monitor your payroll, GST/HST and income tax accounts.

Revised: October 26, 2023

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