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Investment Return Calculator

Click the above link to open the calculator in a new window.

Use this calculator to calculate the return for any period on

bulletyour investment account,
bulletyour investment portfolio, or
bulleta single investment (stocks, real estate, etc.)

The calculator provides both total % return and annualized % return (internal rate of return).

Note:  To get the return on your US$ investments in Canadian dollars, you must convert all amounts to Canadian dollars.  Convert beginning and ending balances at the rate in effect as of the beginning and ending dates, and convert deposits and withdrawals at the rate in effect on the deposit and withdrawal dates.  See Bank of Canada Exchange Rates to find the rates you need.  Year end US exchange rates are available on our Foreign Exchange Rate History page.

See also Historical Returns on Investments - Stocks, Bonds, T-Bills.

Calculate returns on your investment account/portfolio:

bullet Enter the beginning market value, including any cash balances in the account, as of the start date.
bullet Enter the ending market value, including any cash balances in the account, as of the end date.
bullet Enter deposits you make to the account as positive amounts.
bullet Enter withdrawals you make from the account as negative amounts.
bullet Do not enter transactions made within the account, such as purchases, sales, dividends, etc.  The only entries should be your deposits to and withdrawals from the account.

Calculate returns on a single investment:

bulletEnter the the start date and the value on that date.  If this is the original purchase, enter the purchase date and purchase cost.
bulletEnter the end date and the value on that date.
bulletEnter the cost of additional purchases as positive amounts (deposits).
bulletEnter proceeds from sales as negative amounts (withdrawals), unless the entire investment is sold.
bulletIf you have sold the entire investment, use the proceeds as the end value, and the date of sale as the end date.
bulletIncome received from the investment should be entered as a negative amount on the date received.
bulletExpenses paid related to the investment should be entered as positive amounts on the date paid.

Return on Investment Calculation

Example of return on investment calculation

Beginning of year market value   A $10,000
End of year market value B $11,000
Increase during the year B - A C $1,000
% return on investment C/A 10%

Above is a very simple example of course.  The beginning of year value is the invested amount, and there are no deposits or withdrawals during the year.

When there have been deposits or withdrawals to the account during the year, then a weighted average invested amount must be calculated for A in the calculation formula.  If a deposit of $500 was made on June 30th, 181 days after December 31st, then the weighted average invested amount (A) would be:

[$10,000 x 181 days + $10,500 x 184 days] / 365 days = $10,252.05

If the ending market value was still $11,000, then the % return is:

($11,000 - $10,500) / $10,252.05 = 4.9%


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