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What annual income will your investments provide before the investments are drawn down to zero? 
Input the total amount of the investments you expect to have at retirement.
Input various rates of return that you might expect your investments to make.
Input the first number of years, others will be in 5-year increments.
Click the Calculate button.
Pick the number of years that you would like your investments to last.
Where the row and column intersect shows the annual withdrawal amount.
The table assumes the withdrawals are made at the end of each year.
No allowance is made for inflation.
Investment market value at start    
Rate of
Years the money will last
The after-tax amount will depend on the type of income, and the province of residence.
Part of the income will be withdrawal of capital (non-taxable) when investments are being cashed out.  See our article How Much Do You Need To Retire?
Use the Canadian Tax Calculator to estimate your taxes.
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Revised: September 22, 2017

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