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Payroll Tax Calculators

You may want to know, prior to the end of the year, approximately what your total income tax, CPP and EI costs will be for the year.  Perhaps you would like to check the deductions on your payroll cheque to ensure that they are accurate.

Calculator for Annual Take Home Pay

To calculate your estimated annual take home pay, see our online Canadian Tax Calculator, which is available for all provinces and territories except Quebec, which has its own calculator.

Input Income and Taxable Benefits

Input your income from different sources to calculate your federal & provincial/territorial taxes and CPP and EI premiums.  Don't forget about any taxable benefits, such as automobile taxable benefits, life insurance coverage, dental plans or extended health benefits provided by your employer.

Input RRSP Contributions Being Deducted

If you are having RRSP contributions deducted from your paycheques, input your RRSP deduction amount.

The Annual Amounts Won't Confirm Pay Period Amounts

These calculators calculate annual deductions.  When the annual amounts are divided by the number of pay periods in a year, they will not equal a person's deductions from an individual pay period.  Why?

bulletMain reason: CPP and EI premiums are charged on all earnings until the maximum for the year is reached, after which no premiums are deducted until the start of the next year.
bulletIncome tax rate changes are sometimes announced after payroll deduction tables are prepared for the year.  In this case, the tables are revised effective July 1st.

Calculators for Individual Pay Period Deductions

If you want to calculate the deduction amounts for an individual pay period, see the following tax calculators provided by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

Payroll Deductions Online Calculator (PDOC) which is free of charge.

Automobile Benefits Online Calculator - calculates the appropriate automobile taxable benefit amount to be included in an employee's income when the employee utilizes a vehicle leased or owned by the employer.

To use the CRA payroll deductions online calculator, you need to know the TD1 Claim Code for the person whose take home pay is being calculated.  This is the code which changes depending on how many deductions a person has.

See our article on TD1 forms, which includes links to obtain the forms from CRA, and links to obtain the equivalent forms used in Quebec.

Check Your Own Payroll Deductions

The CRA online calculators can be used by an employer to calculate payroll deductions for employees.  They can also be used by an individual to check their own take home pay, or to estimate what their take home pay would be in different circumstances.  If you are an employee using the calculators, make sure you include taxable benefits in your income for the calculations.  If you find that your deductions do not seem to be correct, you should ensure that your employer has current TD1 forms for you, both federal and provincial.

Because payroll deduction rates can change semi-annually, if you are using the downloaded software you should get on the CRA electronic mailing list service for payroll deductions, so you can be notified when new rates are available.

Manual Payroll Calculations

If you prefer to calculate deductions manually, you can get instructions and the payroll deduction tables from the CRA web page on Calculating deductions.

Quebec Payroll Taxes

To calculate payroll taxes for Quebec, use WEBRAS  from Revenu Quebec.  See also Source deductions and employer contributions on Revenu Quebec website.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Resources

Payroll Deductions Online Calculator, payroll tables, TD1s, and more

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