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Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)

Income Tax Act S. 146.2, 207.01 to 207.07

Tax-free savings accounts are available for Canadian residents who have reached the age of majority (18 or 19) in their province or territory. When the age of majority in the province or territory is 19, TFSA contribution room still accumulates from age 18.

There is no deadline for contributions to a TFSA, as the unused contribution room is carried forward into the next year.  However, a withdrawal in any year increases the TFSA room in the following calendar year.  Thus, if you are thinking of making a withdrawal close to year end, make sure it is done by December 31st, in order to have the withdrawal amount added back to the TFSA room sooner.

In a tax-free savings account:

bullet all investment income (interest, dividends, trust distributions and capital gains) will accumulate tax-free
bullet contributions are not tax-deductible
bullet withdrawals are not taxable
bullet capital losses are not tax-deductible
bullet dividends will not be eligible for the dividend tax credit

Borrowing to Invest in a TFSA

bullet Interest on money borrowed to invest in a TFSA is not tax deductible.
bullet A TFSA can be used as security for a loan.
bullet According to bank representatives, a TFSA cannot be used to provide margin for linked margin brokerage accounts, although this is not disallowed by the Income Tax Act.
bullet If you wish to use your TFSA to increase your margin, you can borrow against the TFSA and put the money into your margin account.  The interest on the debt would be tax deductible.

TFSA Technical Changes

On October 16, 2009 the Minister of Finance announced amendments to the Income Tax Act to strengthen the rules applicable to Tax-Free Savings Accounts.  The amendments apply to transactions which occur after October 16, 2009.  The draft legislation and explanatory notes were released by the Department of Finance on April 30, 2010. The amendments were included in Bill C-47, which became law in December 2010.  These amendments:

bullet Make income from deliberate overcontributions and prohibited investments subject to existing anti-avoidance rules in the Income Tax Act
bullet Make income attributable to non-qualified investments taxable at regular income tax rates.
bullet Ensure that withdrawals of deliberate overcontributions, prohibited investments, non-qualified investments or amounts attributable to swap transactions, or of related investment income, from a TFSA do not create additional TFSA contribution room.
bullet Prohibit asset transfer transactions (swap transactions) between TFSAs and other accounts.

Information on the changes is included in our TFSA articles below.

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Other Resources

TFSA Maximizer Schemes - when interest expense can be deemed unreasonable and disallowed, including the use of a mortgage investment companies (MIC), by Jamie Golombek, CPA, CA, CFP, CLU, TEP. See related CRA warning below.

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Tax Tips:

Everyone should have a tax-free savings account!

Make sure you don't overcontribute - see our article on this!

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