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Quebec Income Tax & RRSP Savings Calculators for 2024, 2023 and Prior Years

The detailed Quebec Income Tax Calculator for 2023/2024 (click link to open the calculator in a new window) is a great tax planning and financial planning tool, but will not actually file your tax return for you.

You may have to refresh your browser to see the latest version.  If you use Chrome you may also have to clear your cache (shift-ctrl-del, choose Cached images and files) if the calculator appears odd or messed up.

See also prior year calculators.  We've eliminated the French version of the the calculators, because it was extra work, and was rarely accessed.

Note:  best viewed in Chrome, Edge or Vivaldi.  Views well in Firefox, but may not print properly.

The Quebec Tax Calculator will retain all of your data data, on your computer, depending on your browser settings.  If you are on a public computer, click reset to clear the data before you close the browser.

If you want the information to be retained, ensure that your browser is set appropriately:

bulletInternet Explorer ( IE) - Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Advanced - make sure that "always allow session cookies" is checked.
bulletChrome - Settings, Advanced Settings, Privacy, Content settings, Allow local data to be set.
bulletFirefox - Tools, Options, Privacy - under History where it says "Firefox will:", change to "Use custom settings for history".  Then make sure that "Accept cookies from sites" is checked.  Accept third-party cookies - this setting doesn't matter.  Keep until - this should be set to "they expire" or "ask me every time".

The tax calculator includes most available deductions and tax credits, and pension splitting.  It will be especially useful as a tax planning tool for those who have some control over their income, such as

bullet people making RRIF/RRSP withdrawals
bullet incorporated business owners
bullet investors trying to decide between investments which produce capital gains, Canadian dividends, or other investment income

If you hover over many of the fields in the calculator, you will see information regarding that particular field.

The calculator includes links to information on some of the non-refundable tax credits.  The links open in the same window, replacing the calculator, but when the browser Back button is clicked, the previously entered information is still available in the calculator.  To open the links in a new window, right-click on the link, and select "Open in New Window".

Quebec Income Tax & RRSP Savings Calculators for Prior Years

Features Included

bulletincludes tax rates known as of the date shown in the calculator.
bullet calculates taxes for both spouses
bulletincome that can be included:
bulletemployment and self-employment income
bulletOld Age Security (OAS)
bulletCanada Pension Plan (CPP)
bulletcapital gains
bulletCanadian eligible and non-eligible dividends
bulletRRSP and RRIF withdrawals
bulletother income, including EI special benefits, interest, foreign dividends, some pensions, rental income, etc.
bulletPension income - regular and qualified
bulletworkers' compensation benefits
bulletsocial assistance payments
bulletnet federal supplements (box 21 on the T4A (OAS) slip
bullet calculates Federal alternative minimum tax (AMT) using available information, but does not calculate Quebec AMT.  The AMT calculation is only useful as it relates to capital gains and Canadian dividends, and these alone do not generate Quebec AMT.
bullet shows savings from RRSP deductions, and % tax savings from RRSP deduction
bulletcan show marginal tax rate  if $100 RRSP deduction amount is entered in the RRSP deduction field - for this purpose, put your actual RRSP deduction in the RRSP deduction field - the RRSP savings will be incorrect, but the RRSP tax savings % will be your marginal tax rate.
bullet calculates CPP and EI premiums on employment and self-employment (CPP only) income
bullet option to indicate that employment earnings are not subject to EI premiums (useful for incorporated business owners earning employment income)
bullet calculates OAS clawback and EI clawback
bullet allows pension splitting
bullettax credits calculated:
bullet basic personal amount including 2020 increase
bullet spouse or common-law spouse including 2020 increase
bullet equivalent to spouse, including dependent child or other eligible dependent including 2020 increase  
bullet QC age amount, amount for a person living alone, and amount for retirement income
bullet QC amount for dependents
bullet QC tax credit for career extension for ages 60+ - formerly the experienced worker tax credit
bulletFamily Tax Cut (FTC) - 2014 & 2015, eliminated for 2016
bulletpension income tax credit explains how pension splitting can result in a pension tax credit for the spouse receiving the transferred pension
bullet age amount - this is reduced above certain income thresholds
bullet disability tax credit
bullet public transit tax credit
bullet child fitness tax credit
bullet First-time homebuyers' tax credit
bulletmedical expense tax credit 
bullet donations tax credit - will alert you if all of your donations are not utilized, or if your donations exceed 75% of net income.  The 75% limit doesn't apply for the Quebec donations tax credit starting in 2016.
bulletfederal dividend tax credits
bulletQuebec dividend tax credits
bullet tuition, education and textbooks, student loan interest
bullet QC refundable tax credit respecting the work premium
bullet QC refundable tax credit for childcare expenses
bullet Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) for 2019 & later years, which was previously the Working income tax benefit (WITB) - Note:  you are required to indicate in the calculator if you are eligible for the CWB or WITB.  If you indicate that you qualify, the calculator will determine the amount you will receive, if any, based on your income.  Read the article on the WITB (above link) to determine if you qualify.

The article on the pension income tax credit explains how pension splitting can result in a pension tax credit for the spouse receiving the transferred pension.

Line 10400 Other Employment Income

Line 10400 was line 104 prior to 2019.

This income should be included with Line 10100 (line 101 prior to 2019) employment income in the calculator.  However, do not include it in the insurable or pensionable income amounts below the employment income line.

Comparing Scenarios

If you want to compare different scenarios, come back to this page to open the calculator a second time (right click the link, and select open in new window), and compare them side by side.

Tax Rates

To see the current tax rate tables for each province, go to the Tax Rates page and click on the link for your province, or go to the marginal tax rates page.

FAQ re the Tax Calculators:

Is the "tax savings re RRSPs" the amount of the income tax refund I would get?


The  "tax savings re RRSPs" is the amount your income taxes will be reduced for that amount of RRSP contribution (make sure the contribution doesn't exceed your RRSP deduction limit - this is not checked by the calculator).  Compare the total income taxes result from the calculator to what you have actually paid during the year to determine the amount of your refund.

Printing the Calculator Results - re new Print function

Basic Tax Calculator

If you are looking for a more simple tax calculator, see our Basic Canadian Income Tax Calculator, where you input your income from capital gains, Canadian eligible and non-eligible dividends, and other income, in order to see the taxes payable for a single person.  The Basic Tax Calculator shows the marginal tax rates for each type of income, as well as total income taxes payable for each province for a number of years. Resources

Non-taxable amounts

Quebec Personal tax credits

Taxable Income, Net Income and Total Income

Working in another province

Check out our other calculators.

Feel free to link to our Calculators page from your website.

Revised: November 20, 2023


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