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Tax Information for Students

These are articles which relate to students regarding income, deductions, tax credits and savings plans.

COVID-19 Student Benefits

Students' Income

Income from scholarships and awards

Employment Income:

Who has to pay CPP?

Who has to pay EI?

Part time work - why did I pay so much tax?

Tax Deductions for Students

Child care expenses

Moving expenses

Tax Credits for Students

Children's fitness tax credit - Manitoba and Yukon only

Children's arts tax credit - Manitoba and Yukon only

Courses taken outside Canada - tuition, education and textbook tax credits

Private school tuition fees

Public transit tax credit - eliminated after June 30, 2017

Student loan interest

Tuition, education, and textbook tax credits

Transfer or carry-forward of tuition, education and textbook amounts

Students With Investments

Tuition/Dividend Tax Credit Problem

Tuition Transfers and Dividend Income - could also be a problem

Savings Plan for Students and Future Students

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) - age 18+

Financial Help for Students

COVID-19 Student Benefits

Canada Student Grants and Loans

Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students (Canada Access Grant)

Canada Student Grants and Loans - Apply with your province or territory

Youth and Student Job Training

Canada Benefits Finder - choose your province or territory to see financial aid, bursary and scholarship and other information for students.

Support for Skilled Trades and Apprentices

Apprenticeship Grants are available to eligible apprentices, and can be used to pay for tuition, travel, tools, or other expenses.

Students and Tax Preparation

Free tax preparation service

Persons with disabilities

Canadians Entering the U.S. as a Student

Canadian Entering the U.S. as a Student? Here's What you Need To Know from Moodys Private Client Blog, by Scott Gregory JD, R. Oliver Branch JD.

International Students Studying in Canada

International students studying in Canada may have to file a Canadian income tax return.  See the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) information on International students studying in Canada, and our article on Who Pays Tax in Canada.

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