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BC MSP Rates 2017
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BC MSP Rates 2017

As per a September 15, 2016 announcement, the planned 4% MSP increase for 2017 is cancelled.  Also, the rates for premium assistance have been reduced from what was originally announced in the BC 2016 Budget.  As per the 2016 Budget, children will be exempt from MSP premiums, but the rate for a couple will increase.  The increase including the September 2016 revision will be 10.3%, from $1,632 per year in 2016 to $1,800 per year, based on 2x the single person rate.  Rates are based on adjusted net incomePremium assistance will also be enhanced effective January 1, 2017, to provide assistance to many more people, by increasing the income thresholds.

You must apply to get the premium assistance - this is not done automatically based on the income reported on your tax return.  Unfortunately, this is not well known, and many people are not getting the premium assistance they need.  In 2017, a senior couple with up to $48,000 of income is eligible for premium assistance, as $3,000 is deducted from income for each senior to arrive at adjusted net income.  There are also deductions for disabilities, children, and UCCB income.  If you have friends, relatives or neighbours who you think may be eligible for premium assistance, please let them know that they have to apply for it.

BC Medical Services Plan Annual Premiums 2017

Adjusted Net Income
(individual or couple)
% of
Full Premium
first $24,000 0% no premium no premium
over $24,000 up to $26,000 14.7% $132 $264
over $26,000 up to $28,000 30.7% 276 552
over $28,000 up to $30,000 46.7% 420 840
over $30,000 up to $34,000 61.3% 552 1,104
over $34,000 up to $38,000 74.7% 672 1,344
over $38,000 up to $42,000 86.7% 780 1,560
over $42,000 100% 900 1,800
Maximum monthly rate (100%) - single/couple $75 $150
Increase from prior year 0% 10.3%

BC Medical Services Plan Monthly Premiums 2017

Adjusted Net Income
(individual or couple)
first $24,000 no premium no premium
over $24,000 up to $26,000 $11 $22
over $26,000 up to $28,000 23 46
over $28,000 up to $30,000 35 70
over $30,000 up to $34,000 46 92
over $34,000 up to $38,000 56 112
over $38,000 up to $42,000 65 130
over $42,000 75 150

Revised: February 22, 2022

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