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Schedule 88 Internet Business Activities
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Business -> Corporate tax forms - Schedule 88 Internet Business Activities

Schedule 88 Internet Business Activities

Schedule 88 must be filed by a corporation which earns income from one or more web pages or websites.  The schedule must also be filed if the corporation doesn't have a website but has created a profile or other page describing its business on blogs, auction, market place or any other portal or directory websites from which it earns income.

The information above is from Schedule 88 on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website, and seems to describe most corporations.  If a corporation doesn't have its own website, but has a web page on someone else's website from which it earns income, this form is required.

Includes income from:

bulletgoods and/or services sold via a web page
bulletorders received via a form on a web page
bulletemails received to make a purchase, order, booking, etc.
bulletadvertising, income programs, or traffic your site generates - for instance this would include income from Google Adsense, Microsoft adCentre, or other affiliate programs.

If the website or web page does not directly generate income, then it would not be reported on Schedule 88.  The type of website or web page that would fall into this category includes:

bullettelephone directory websites that list your website or web page
bulletinformation-only websites or web pages, which give basic contact information for the business, and general information about the type of goods or services provided by the business.

Many businesses will have an internet presence, but will not know how much of their income can be attributed to their website.  In such cases, a best estimate will suffice.

The form asks how many internet web pages or websites your corporation earns income from.  If the corporation has 2 websites with 100 pages each, the response would be 2.  If the corporation doesn't have it's own website, but has 1 web page on a website owned by someone else, the response would be 1.

The url address of the web page or website must be provided.  Up to 5 urls can be entered.  If the corporation has more than 5 websites, the addresses of those that earn the most income should be provided.

CRA Resources:

E-Commerce and Internet Business Activities

Schedule 88 Internet Business Activities

Tax Tip:  Unless a person has been trained in preparing corporate tax returns and is up to date on current tax laws, the return should be prepared, or at least reviewed, by a professional accountant.

Revised: October 26, 2023

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