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Manitoba  ->  Manitoba Provincial Budgets -> Budget 2015

Manitoba 2015 Budget - April 30, 2015

All budget measures are subject to legislative approval.  Bill 36, The Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, received Royal Assent on November 5, 2015.

Manitoba Personal Tax Changes

bullet Seniors' School Tax Rebate will increase from $235 to $470 for the 2015 property tax year, and eligibility criteria will be broadened to include seniors who occupy their principal residence and pay school taxes, even if they do not own the land or dwelling unit.
bulletA new Volunteer Firefighter and Search & Rescue Tax Credit is proposed, beginning in 2016, for Manitobans who perform at least 200 hours of combined volunteer firefighting and volunteer search and rescue services in a year.  This non-refundable tax credit will be based on an amount of $3,000, which in 2015 will provide a tax credit of $324.  See Volunteer Firefighter and Search & Rescue Tax Credit on the MB Finance website.
bulletPrimary Caregiver Tax Credit, which is refundable, will be increased from $1,275 to $1,400 beginning in 2015.
bulletCommunity Enterprise Development Tax Credit:  eligible investment period will be extended to the first 60 days following the end of the calendar year, commencing January 1, 2015, with respect to 2014.  This allows a shareholder making an eligible investment through an RRSP to elect to retroactively claim the tax credit in the same taxation year as the RRSP deduction.  See Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit on the MB Finance website.

Manitoba Business Measures

bulletIncreasing the small business deduction limit from $425,000 to $450,000 on January 1, 2016.  The small business corporate income tax rate for income up to this limit is 0%.
bulletCo-op Education and Apprenticeship Tax Credit will be enhanced.  See Paid Work Experience Tax Credits (PWETC) (renamed) on the MB Finance website.
bulletCorporation Capital Tax on banks, trust corporations and loan corporations is increased from 5% to 6% for taxation years ending after April 30, 2015.
bulletSmall Business Venture Capital Tax Credit is being enhanced - see Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit on the MB Finance website.
bulletData Processing Investment Tax Credits:  extended for 3 years to the end of 2018 - eliminated immediately by the 2017 Budget April 11, 2017.
bulletFuel Tax Rebate for qualifying commercial passenger flights, effective July 1, 2015.
bulletResearch and Development Tax Credits:  carry-forward period extended from 10 years to 20 years.
bulletExtensions of many other tax credits.

Manitoba Green and Health Measures

bulletTobacco Tax rate increased effective midnight, April 30, 201
bulletfrom $0.29 to $0.295 per cigarette;
bulletfrom $0.28 to $0.285 per gram of fine-cut tobacco; and
bulletfrom $0.265 to $0.27 per gram of raw leaf tobacco.
bulletGreen Energy Equipment Tax Credit will be expended to include biomass fuel energy equipment that is installed in Manitoba and used in a busines, with a tax credit rate of 15%.

Manitoba Sales Tax

Effective June 1, 2005, exemptions will be expanded for flood prevention and control supplies, commercial fishing boats, and film and audio productions for public broadcast.  Also, the exemption for goods designed solely for use by a disabled person will be clarified to show that the exemption applies to both physical and mental disabilities.

For complete budget information, see the following on the Manitoba Finance website:

    - 2015 Budget

    - Manitoba Advantage - Tax measures (pdf)

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