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2024 Life in the Tax Lane from Video Tax News (VTN)

We're pleased to be able to share these informative videos from Video Tax News.  They are not too long, cover a wide range of topics, and are quite entertaining!  Once you view them, you can search our site for information on these or other topics - see the search box near the top of any page on our site.  The links under each video provide the sources for the information in the video.

The videos are 10-minute rapid-fire discussions of select recent developments in the wonderful world of Canadian tax presented by the Video Tax News Team, for Canadian Tax and Financial Professionals.

Video Tax News has seminars focusing on corporate and personal tax, with detailed source material for future reference provided for each seminar.

Life in the Tax Lane - July 2024

July 2, 2024


Capital Gains Inclusion Rate Changes:

  1. Notice of Ways and Means Motion June 2024
  2. Budget 2024

Non-Resident Sellers of Canadian Real Estate:

  1. Notice of Ways and Means Motion June 2024
  2. Budget 2024

Use of Corporate Assets by Shareholder  - Tremblay c. Agence du revenu du Quebec, 2024 QCCQ 1439 (CanLII)

CRA Guidance – Receipts

Bare Trust Reporting Rules

  1. New reporting requirements for trusts and bare trusts: T3 returns filed for tax years ending after December 30, 2023
  2. Trusts holding GICs must file annual return, CRA says

Gross Negligence Penalties - Croteau c. Agence du revenu du Québec, 2024 QCCQ 2182 (CanLII) Resources

Capital Gains and Losses

Buying or Renting Real Estate From a Non-Resident

Bare Trusts

Life in the Tax Lane - June 2024

May 31, 2024


Fees for Services Consultation - Share Your Thoughts

Real Estate – CRA Audit Activity

Capital Gains Inclusion Rate – Budget 2024

  1. Budget 2024 - Capital Gains Incusion Rate
  2. Canadian Accountant - Proposed Changes to Capital Gains Rules
  3. - Freeland says capital gains proposal will be tabled before summer break

CEBA – Collection Process

  1. Loan Assigned to CEBA Program — Loan Assignment
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

Spousal Income Attribution - TI 2021-0908201C6 Vente d'un bien détenu en copropriété par indivisi (Sale of property held in co-ownership)

Canada Carbon Rebate for Small Businesses

  1. Budget 2024 - Canada Carbon Rebate for Small Businesses
  2. Bill C-69 Budget Implementation Act, 2024, No. 1

Canadian Dental Care Plan Update

  1. 1 million seniors can now access services under the Canadian Dental Care Plan
  2. Sun Life - Find a Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) provider Resources

Principal Residence Exemption

Property Flipping

Real Estate Sales - Are They Taxable? What About My Principal Residence?

Capital Gains and Losses / Capital Gain Inclusion Rate

Attribution Rules re Gifts, Transfers, or Loans to a Spouse or a Related Minor Child

Life in the Tax Lane - May 2024

April 29, 2024


2024 Federal Budget – Capital Gains/Other Items:

  1. Fairness for every generation
  2. Eight key considerations for accountants and small business advisors

Home Office Expenses – Multiple Employers and Clients - Bykov v. The King 2024 TCC 36

Accessing CRA Online Portals

Psychotherapy and Counselling Therapy – GST/HST - Hidden Traps

  1. Notice334 Proposed Amendment - Exemption for Psychotherapy Services
  2. Notice335 Proposed Amendment - Exemption for Counselling Therapy Services

Avoiding CPP by Paying Dividends Resources

2024 Federal Budget - April 16, 2024 - Capital Gains Inclusion Rate

Employee Work-Space-in-Home Expenses

Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), and Employment Insurance (EI)

Life in the Tax Lane - April 2024

March 28, 2024


Bare Trusts – New reporting requirements for trusts: T3 returns filed for tax years ending after December 30, 2023

T2200 – Employer Requirement?

Reliance on CRA's My Account - Brand v. Canada (Attorney General), 2024 FC 159

Canada Carbon Rebate

Short-Term Property Rentals – Denial of Expenses

  1. CPA Canada - Legislative proposal to crack down on non-compliant short-term rentals
  2. CPA Canada - Feds slap punitive tax measure on non-compliant short-term rentals

UHT – CRA Commentary on Excluded Owner Proposals

  1. UHTN16 Proposed Amendments to the Underused Housing Tax
  2. UHT-2900 Underused Housing Tax Return and Election Form Resources

Bare Trusts

Employee Work-Space-in-Home Expenses

Underused Housing Tax

Life in the Tax Lane - March 2024

February 29, 2024


T1 Season – What's New:

  1. CRA: What you need to know for the 2024 tax-filing season
  2. Tax season starts February 19, and here's what you need to know
  3. Government announces Canada Carbon Rebate amounts for 2024-25

Working From Home Expenses

CCA – Retroactive Adjustment - TI 2023-0982881C6 Revision of Capital Cost Allowance Claims

GST/HST Electronic Filing Reminder

Multi-Factor Authentication – Authenticator App

Cryptocurrency Losses - TI 2023-0982931C6

FHSA – Constructing a Home - TI 2023-0978631C6 Resources

Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR) - formerly Climate Action Incentive (CAI) Quarterly Payments

Employee Work-Space-in-Home Expenses

Capital Cost Allowance

Barter and Cryptocurrency Transactions

First Home Savings Account

Life in the Tax Lane - February 2024

January 30, 2024


UHT – Assessment Statistics

TI 2019-0798021I7 Clearance Certificate Obtained after Distribution

CPP Survivor – Common-Law Partner - Pentesco v. Fraser, 2023 FCA 239

Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Control by Owner-Manager - IBI Behavioural Services Inc. v. M.N.R., 2023 TCC 159

Short-Term Rental – Denial of Expenses

  1. 2023 Fall Economic Statement
  2. December 2023 Legislative Proposals and Explanatory Notes

FHSA – Income Splitting

  1. Tax-Free First Home Savings Account: Estate Implications And Income Splitting Opportunities
  2. Alternative ways to fund and use an FHSA

Video Tax News Seminars, including Expanded T3 Reporting Rules: Changes and Traps Resources

Employee or Self-Employed Independent Contractor?

Proposal to Crack Down on Non-Compliant Short-Term Rentals

First Home Savings Accounts (FHSAs)

Life in the Tax Lane - January 2024

December 29, 2023


Pre-Budget Consultations

Canada Dental Care Plan

Electronic Distribution – T-slips

Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Working From Home Expenses – Employees

Expanded Trust Reporting – CRA Guidance Resources

Attention Employers - Additional T4 and T4A Slip Reporting

Barter and Cryptocurrency Transactions

Informal Trust Accounts and New Reporting Requirements

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