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2023 Life in the Tax Lane Videos
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2023 Life in the Tax Lane from Video Tax News (VTN)

We're pleased to be able to share these informative videos from Video Tax News.  They are not too long, cover a wide range of topics, and are quite entertaining!  Once you view them, you can search our site for information on these or other topics - see the search box near the top of any page on our site.  The links under each video provide the sources for the information in the video.

The videos are 10-minute rapid-fire discussions of select recent developments in the wonderful world of Canadian tax presented by the Video Tax News Team, for Canadian Tax and Financial Professionals.

Life in the Tax Lane - February 2023

January 31, 2023


Underused Housing Tax

  1. Underused Housing Tax - Quick Reference Chart from Video Tax News
  2. Underused Housing Tax on

Statute-Barred Corporate Tax Returns - TI 2019-0810061I7

Wage and Rent Subsidies – Partnership Income and Reviews - TI 2021-0878941E5

Relationship Breakdown – Written Separation Agreement - Vohra v. The King - 2022 TCC 165

Canada Child Benefit – Shared-Custody Arrangement - Scott v. The King, 2022 TCC 131 Resources

Canada's Underused Housing Tax - This Affects Canadians Also!

Life in the Tax Lane - January 2023

December 29, 2022


2023 Automobile Limits

Individual Instalment Interest – Unexpected Income:

  1. Required tax instalments for individuals
  2. Gagnon v. The King 2022 TCC 139

Tax Loss Selling – Corporations by Dave Gautier, Crowe MacKay LLP

COVID-19 Suspicious/Fraudulent Claims - Office of the Auditor General of Canada Report 10

Tips And Gratuities – GST/HST - 1410109 Ontario Ltd. v. The King, 2022 TCC 141

EFILE Revocation - Virgen v. Canada (Attorney General) 2022 FC 1544 Resources

Passenger Vehicle Expense Limitations - loan interest, lease cost, capital cost maximums

Tax-Free Motor Vehicle Allowances

Automobile Operating Cost Benefit

Automobile Sales People Operating Cost Benefit

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